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Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios - Spring Etiquette Session

Join Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios at Parkside Town Commons for their 4-week spring etiquette session in March! Classes meet on Thursday nights March 9th through 30th. Children 5 to 8 meet from 5:30-6:25 pm and tweens 9 to 12 meet from 6:30-7:30 pm.

Why Is Early Training Important?
Respect for self and others influences choices children make at home, at school, at play or at work. A foundation of good manners give young people an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills. Good manners make you likeable and happier! Fun and interactive classes are available for all age groups!

Topics include:
• Why Manners Matter
• Handshakes and Introductions
• Eye Contact
• Addressing and Respecting Adults
• Word Choices, Tone of Voice
• Telephone Manners
• Table Manners and Table Settings
• Cultural Awareness
• Posture: Sitting, Standing and Walking
• Sleepover Etiquette
• Sending and Accepting Invitations
• Writing Thank You Notes